STAGE- Shifting The Attention Gears

STAGE helps you to train your intuition.

STAGE helps you to trust your intuition.

STAGE helps you shift your attention from micromanaging your thoughts to effortless flow.

If you don’t trust yourself, you can’t let go of doubts & ruminations. You’ll limit your ability to create at a bigger level.

Inhibition Loops of thoughts keep you from acting.

STAGE teaches you to recognize when to control and when to let go of your thoughts.


Find Effortless Flow & Creativity.

Unleash your honest Self-Expression.

How does STAGE work?

Learning means increasing the complexity of our skills. 

The more advanced our learning process becomes, the more intuitive our previously learned behavior becomes.

Additionally, we feel more and more emotionally secure and confident.

Describing how to play Tennis is basically impossible. We have to learn it by doing.

When you just start learning to play Tennis, you are thinking about every little detail. You have to constantly remind yourself how to stand, how to hold the racket, how strong you hit the ball, etc...


Yet soon after some practice, you can play shot combinations while thinking about chocolate cakes at the same time.


At this moment, playing Tennis becomes effortless.

Learning to Play Tennis (5).png

When overthinking, we feel insecure and believe there is something to learn or correct on a micro level that is actually not necessary to learn on such a small scale.

When we are playing Tennis in front of an audience, we might feel more pressure. This creates the will to try even harder playing well. As a consequence, we might think about the correct way of holding the racket right or how hard to hit the ball. 

This leads to micromanaging our movements (e.g. Tennis shots) and we interfere with our natural instinct and intuition. Overall, this overthinking leads us that we don't trust our self anymore and we lose self-confidence and perform much worse than before. 

Learning to Play Tennis (7).png

Each stage of learning has a “point of concentration” (POC) – a single objective that you focus on controlling. Usually, when we are in Flow we can concentrate on style and strategies, yet when in self-doubt we start to fall back to managing our behavior in higher details.


STAGE enables us to shift our "point of concentration" where it matters. This helps to find creativity and self-confidence in all learning stages.



Based on Improvisation & Sports Coaching Techniques we playfully expand our comfort zones and learn to honestly express ourselves.

"How much am I stressing about what word is coming next, or feeling like I have to have control over it, or feeling like I don't want to be the one to make decisions? … The more we understand the way that we react to those exercises, the more we can understand some of the ways our anxiety is manifesting in other contexts."

Becca Barish, licensed clinical social worker

STAGE is designed to help you:

  • Express your authentic self

  • Foster your Flow states

  • Beat overthinking 

  • Find self-confidence

  • Go beyond self-doubts

  • Increase creativity


We will learn in small groups to unleash our creative potential, unblock our intuition and get in touch with our most authentic expression.

My prices:


  • First Session (60 min.) for free

  • Per Weekly Session - $15

  • Per Month - $39